Client MetaMe Selected to IBM Blockchain Accelerator


Congratulations to our client and team at MetaMe for their selection to the first class of the IBM Blockchain Accelerator.

MetaMe is a universal wallet and Smart Data marketplace, empowering people to take ownership of their digital selves through personalized AI and enabling them to use their data to create value that improves their lives. Their key innovation is Universal Smart Data objects, called metaPods, which are a new asset class of data that is containerized, decentralized, private and compliant. They are partnering with healthcare company AXA to build a consumer app to encourage wellness programs through outcomes-based insurance.

We have worked with MetaMe at and also with our partners as Pulse Lab since May 2018. It is an extremely exciting project and one that underscores the potential disruption that decentralized ledger technology could bring to the data space.

Read more about the IBM Blockchain Accelerator and its first class here.


Tim Bukher